Download Xender For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Download Xender For PC and Unlock the Full Potential of file transferring speed.

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Xender requirement to Install on PC

Operating system Windows 11/10/8/7
Hard Disk700 MB Free Space
ProessorsIntel Core i3 dual-core or Faster
VersionUpdated 2023

Xender For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11)

Xender For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Xender for PC Download – Share data with unbelievable speed: Do you want to Install Xender For PC? Don’t worry, you just landed on the right page. Here, I will share the complete installation process to download and install the Xender app on your Mac or Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 PC.

How To download and install Xender on a PC?

In this article, we guide you on how you can use the Xender file-sharing application on your Windows 11/10/8/7 PC or Computer. There are three methods to use Xender on a PC. You can try out all three methods mentioned, and opt for the one that best suits your needs.

1. Xender Web

One of the simplest methods of using Xender on a PC is through Xender Web. With Xender Web, you can easily transfer files from your Android, Tizen, tablet, or iOS smartphone directly to your PC.

Xender Web is a feature that allows you to use Xender directly from your web browser on a computer, without the need for any software installation.

By using Xender Web, there is no need to download any additional software or Application to use Xender on your computer. This web-based version of Xender is used for the file transfer process, allowing for convenient and fast file sharing of files between devices.

Xender web for PC

To use Xender Web, follow these steps

Make sure you have the Xender app installed on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and that it is updated to the latest version.

  • Open a web browser on your PC (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge).
  • Visit the Xender Web page by typing “” in the address bar and pressing Enter.
  • On your smartphone, open the Xender app and tap on the “Scan” or “Connect to PC” option.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the Xender Web page using your smartphone’s camera.
  • Once the QR code is successfully scanned, Xender Web will establish a connection between your smartphone and computer.
  • You will now see the Xender interface on your computer screen, mirroring the content of your Xender app on the smartphone.
  • You can now start transferring files between your smartphone and computer. Simply drag and drop files, or use the file selection option, to initiate the transfer.

2. Xender App For PC

Apart from smartphones, the Xender team has also released an official application specifically designed for Windows computers. This application is available completely free of cost.

If you prefer to use an offline installer, you can easily download the Xender app for your PC from the Microsoft Store.

Once downloaded, simply follow the on-screen instructions provided to install Xender on your Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC.

3. Xender App Apk For PC

Download Xender App for Pc

This is a very simple and easy way to install this app on your PC, follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install an LDPlayer on your PC, which is a useful tool for running Android apps on your PC.
  • Click on the provided link and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After the installation is complete, double-click on the LDPlayer icon to launch the program.
  • Sign in to LDPlayer using your Gmail account, and once signed in, you will be directed to the dashboard.
  • On the LDPlayer dashboard, locate the Play Store icon and click on it. This will open the Play Store within LDPlayer.
  • In the Play Store, use the search function to find “Xender“. Once you locate the Xender app, click on it to view the app details.
  • On the Xender app page, click on the “Install” button to initiate the installation process. Wait for the installation to complete.

Once the installation is finished, you can launch the Xender app on your Windows or Mac computer via LDPlayer.

Features of the Xender PC app

The most common features available with Xender for PC are below:

Fast File Transfer: Xender provides fast file transfer, 300 times faster transfer speed than Bluetooth.

Support All File Types: Xender Supports multiple types of Files to send between devices, whereas not limited to file size.

Wireless Connection: Xender uses Wi-Fi technology and establishes a wireless connection between the PC and any other supported platform. Xender does not require the internet for file share.


With the steps mentioned above, you can easily download and install Xender on your PC. Xender offers a seamless file-sharing experience across devices.

However, there are several other file-sharing applications available, each with its unique features. We would love to hear about your personal favorite file-sharing app, so please share it in the comments section below. Your insights and recommendations can help others discover new and useful file-sharing tools.

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