Download Xender Apk For Windows Phone 2023

Xender Apk For Windows Phone: Xender is a comprehensive file-sharing and transfer app that simplifies the process of sharing files with other devices. With its cross-platform support, users can easily download Xender for Windows Phone and seamlessly transfer files wirelessly. xender is used by over 500 million users worldwide, Xender has become a popular choice for file transfers between different devices.

The latest version of the Xender app features a brand-new ad-free interface, ensuring a hassle-free file transfer experience. Xender for Windows Phone supports the transfer of all file formats, including documents, music, photos, videos, and contacts. There are no limitations on file size, allowing users to easily transfer even movies and apps without any constraints.

Download Xender Apk for Windows phone

Xender apk download old version 2018
App NameXender
DeveloperBeijing AnQiZhiLian Inc.
Initial Release2011
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC, Mac, Windows Phone
Downloads500 Million+

Features of Xender for Windows Phone

Xender is a feature-rich app that offers various functionalities to enhance the file-sharing and transfer experience. Here are some key features of the Xender app:

Fast File Transfer: Xender allows users to transfer files fast between devices without any cables or internet connection. It utilizes Wi-Fi Direct technology to achieve high-speed file transfers.

Cross-Platform Support: Xender supports cross-platform file transfers, enabling users to share files between different operating systems like Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Windows Phone.

No File Size Limitations: With Xender, there are no limitations on file size. Users can easily transfer large files like movies, apps, and more, seamlessly and efficiently.

Multiple File Formats: Xender supports the transfer of various file formats, including documents, music, photos, videos, and contacts. This enables users to share different types of files with ease.

Phone Replication: Xender offers a phone replication feature that allows users to transfer contacts, messages, and other data from one device to another, making it convenient when switching to a new phone.

File Manager: The app includes a built-in file manager that provides easy access to all files stored on the device. Users can manage, organize, and delete files directly within the Xender app.

Ad-Free Interface: The latest version of the Xender app features an ad-free interface, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted file transfer experience.

These are just a few of the many features that make Xender a popular choice for file transfers between devices.

How to download Xender Apk for Windows Phone

Here are the simple steps to download the xender apk for Windows phones, follow the steps given here and make to success use of the xender app on your Windows mobile.

Step 1:Download apk” Open the “Microsoft Store” on your Windows Phone by navigating to the app section.

Step 2: In the search bar, enter “Xender” and select the Xender app from the suggested apps list.

Step 3: Tap the “Get” button to initiate the download of Xender for Windows Phone.

Step 4: When prompted to grant permissions, click on the “Accept” or “I Agree” button to proceed with the Xender installation process on your Windows Phone.

Step 5: Wait for the Xender app to finish downloading on your Windows Phone. Once the download is complete, click on the “Open” button to start using Xender and begin transferring files easily.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to download and utilize Xender on your Windows Phone, enabling quick and convenient file transfers.

How to use Xender On Windows Phone

Using Xender on Windows Phone is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Xender for file transfers:

Launch Xender: To begin, locate and tap on the Xender app icon in the app menu of your Windows Phone.

Connect Devices: Ensure that the device you wish to transfer files to or receive files from is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Windows Phone. This step is crucial as it allows Xender to establish a connection between the devices. Tap on “Send” or “Receive“: Depending on whether you want to send files or receive files, tap on the corresponding option displayed on the Xender home screen.

Select Files: Next, choose the specific files you wish to send or receive. Xender supports a wide range of file formats, including documents, music, photos, videos, and contacts. Tap on “Send” or “Receive” again: After selecting the desired files, tap on the “Send” button if you are sending files or the “Receive” button if you are receiving files. Xender will then begin searching for nearby devices that are ready to establish a connection.

Accept Connection: On the receiving device, whether it’s a Windows Phone or another platform, simply tap on the “Accept” button when prompted to confirm the connection. This action will initiate the file transfer process. Monitor Transfer Progress: Keep an eye on the progress of the file transfer on both devices. Xender utilizes Wi-Fi Direct technology to expedite transfers, ensuring fast and efficient results. Complete the Transfer: Once the file transfer is complete, a notification will be displayed on both devices. You can now access the transferred files on your Windows Phone.

Disconnect Devices: After successfully completing the file transfer, you can disconnect the devices by tapping on the “Disconnect” or “Exit” button within the Xender app.

By following these steps, you can easily use Xender on your Windows Phone to transfer files wirelessly and efficiently. Enjoy a seamless file-sharing experience with Xender!


In conclusion, Xender is a versatile file-sharing and transfer app that simplifies the process of sharing files between devices. It offers a range of features including fast file transfer, cross-platform support, no file size limitations, support for multiple file formats, phone replication, a built-in file manager, and an ad-free interface.

Through Xender, users can easily transfer files wirelessly, regardless of the operating system or device they are using. To download Xender on a Windows Phone, simply follow the provided steps. Once installed, using Xender on a Windows Phone is a straightforward process that allows for efficient and convenient file transfers. Enjoy a seamless file-sharing experience with Xender.